GC3 Megali Glyfada

Megali Glyfada – Walk 3 Visitor’s and Walker’s Guide

It is here during the Italian occupation during WWII that a British commando vessel hid. They couldn’t be seen from the sea and apart from the very remote spot where we were standing they couldn’t be seen from the land. It was a near perfect hiding place. They didn’t however bank on the goatherds tending their animals in these almost inaccessible places. They also didn’t allow for the generosity of the islanders even when times were very hard and their propensity for partying. As soon as the goatherds saw the boat they gathered freshly baked bread, home produced cheese and goats milk and raki and went down to greet their allies. No amount of persuasion would stop them from throwing a party on the beach. When the British were finally persuaded that there was no chance on earth that the Italians would find them there they joined the islanders on the beach. Out came the violins and lautos and the singing and dancing lasted three days. No one, of course, found out what the commandos were doing there or what their mission was but they seemed to enjoy their three days of unofficial R&R.

The route down to the bay is very difficult to find. It is not marked on any map except in the Visitor’s and Walker’s guide. The path described is the only feasible way down.

The cache is in a plastic drink container with a blue top. It just contains a log and a geocaching declaration in Greek and in English. Please take a pen with you. 

Cache Coordinates: N36⁰ 55.545  E026⁰ 00.095     Elevation: 2 m 

Additional Hint: Fishing boat garage

Official Site Listing


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